Born in Chile, Ana Navarrete(Leyton) has lived in Quebec since 1979. Her interests in drawing and painting develop at a very young age. She completed her studies at the School of Arts in Santiago and continued her training with the painters Humberto Zacarelli and Charles Garo. For several years, his artistic repertoire specializes in still lifes and landscapes, both in oil and watercolor, inspired mainly by the country character and the indomitable relief of his native land.

His acclimatization in Quebec inspires him a new impetus. Major changes are needed in her themes and techniques and a new passion for contemporary painting and clay sculpture awaken in her. His palette is always alive, spontaneous and contrasting mark his works and show his deep attachment to her art.

Ana Leyton Navarrete Ana Navarrete (ANY)
Ana Leyton Navarrete working Ana Navarrete working

Ceramic work

Ceramic work

Exhibitions and events

  • Exhibition children's games art gallery Montreal-North AAVNM (2018)
  • Law firm Barraza & Associates Montreal (2017)
  • Collective Bolivian Gallery Exhibition (2017)
  • Exhibition 375 aniversary of collective Montreal (2017)
  • Exhibition of the collective Bolivérienne gallery (2016)
  • St-Hubert Symposium Exhibition (2014-2015-2016)
  • Ottawa Parque Ottawa Exhibition (2015)
  • ST-Remi collective exhibition (2014)
  • Exhibition Raices with children (Dicoex) (2010)
  • Mile-End Gallery - group exhibition (2008)
  • Mile-End Library "Signature" (2007)
  • Iran Plata & Ana Leyton Mediun Integration Exhibition (2007)
  • Mile-End Gallery "Enchant the Imagination" (2006)
  • Galerie Mile-End "Chilean Presence In Quebec - Seven Chilean Artists" - Group Show (2006)
  • Multidisciplinary Visual Arts Exhibition - House of Culture of Notre Dame de Grâce Montreal (2006)
  • South Shore Longueuil - group show (2005)
  • Côte des Neiges Intercultural Week - collective exhibition (2005)
  • Association of Quebec Chileans in Montreal "Porto au chocolat" - group show (2005)
  • Consulate General of Chile in Montreal - solo exhibition (2005 and 2004)
  • Exhibition Estilos Consulate General of Chile Montreal (2004)
  • Exhibition Center Français "Commemorative Exhibition" (2003) St-Hubert Visual Arts Center "Where's the Difference" (2001)
  • St-Hubert Visual Arts Center - group exhibitions (2001 and 2000)
  • Santiago de Chile "New Talents - Chilean Painters of Canada" (1998)
  • Summ-Artis Workshop "Transition" - solo exhibition (1998)
  • Summ-Artis Workshop "El volantin" - collective exhibition (1997) Art-Dépôt Art-Dépôt "Art et Réligion" (1996)
  • Center du Sablon, Laval "Vision of the World" - collective exhibition (1996)
  • National Film Board "Chile-Montreal" - group exhibition (1995) Art Gallery Denis Gagnon "Colors of Chile in Quebec" - collective exhibition (1993)
  • The Galeries des Sources - exhibition of Hispanic artists from the Hispanic Association of West Island (1993)
  • Cofi Nord "Mis rafces" - solo exhibition (1983)
  • Many other exhibitions in Chile
  • Award of the Embassy of Brazil to Chile, honorable mention - exhibition University of Chile (1963)

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